About Me

Eliane Strasser.

Eliane Strasser.

We are all influenced by our past, our upbringing, our history which made us who we are today, unique and individual.  I would like to share with you my story and how I find my inspirations for the creations of my designs and love for jewellery.

I was born  near Paris in France. I have dual French-Swiss nationality from my father's side and my mother is from Barranquilla in Colombia. Because of my father's military lifestyle, I have lived in many places in France and some exotic locations abroad - New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Senegal and Equatorial Guinea to name a few. But a large part of my adult life has been spent in Provence and Nice in the south of France which I adore and it was in Nice where I married my partner and later moved to his hometown of Liverpool.

I love travelling, seeing the different landscapes, learning about the people and their culture, architecture, art, languages, which made us so distinctive from one to another.

My collection today is inspired by my upbringing, my travels and much more about the people  I have met along my journey. I believe I convey this as a commercial artist with studios in Nice and Liverpool. I blend my passion for the cool aesthetic of France with my love of Liverpool’s unique heart and character. I have captured moments of emotions into pictures, postcards, photos, which I have used and influenced my creative design for making a unique and special piece of jewellery.

It is not just any piece of jewellery you are buying but a unique experience involving you or maybe other people in the creative process. My work lies in translating the personal experiences and emotional connections of people into individual works of art.

My pieces represent a jewellery story - I've shared mine, now let me share yours.