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by Eliane Strasser

BBC Radio 4’s The Bottom Line programme: being part of a live audience


Evans Davis in Conversation with Sir Terry Leahy former CEO of Tesco

Evans Davis and the producers from BBC Radio 4 from London came up for the day in Liverpool to record the business programme “The Bottom Line” in front of a live audience at St Edwards College.

I thought it will be a great opportunity to hear from a leading figure in business and I was very pleased to be invited as a guest and being part of the audience which was a mixture of pupils, parents, teachers, students from university and local businesses. The interview was followed by an audience Questions and Answers which was also recorded.

Before the actual recording, people were gathered in the dinner hall where food and refreshments were kindly provided by the college. Forms were given to people for them to fill in with a question or two addressed to Sir Terry Leahy for him to answer at the actual recording.

Not long after we were ready to go for the programme to be started, people were getting excited and a big round of applause was given for Evans Davis and Sir Terry Leahy at the arrival on the stage.

As an audience and being a live recording, Evans Davis was telling us about “bad noises” and “good noises” in a radio programme. We don’t want to hear a phone ringing however hearing people laughing or applauding is a good thing. We were even asked to practise our applauses!

It was interesting to hear the inside story of Sir Terry Leahy from his upbringing to his success at Tesco and how the presenter was directing the conversation in a very smooth and interesting way.

Many interesting questions from the audience were asked and before I knew it, it was already the end. I found it the Conversation interesting and all experience enjoyable thanks to the organisers at St Edwards, the BBC radio 4 team, the audience, hearing the story of Sir Terry Leahy and of course a great interview lead by Evans Davis.

If you like to find out more about Evans Davis in Conversation with Sir Terry Leahy former CEO of Tesco, please click here.

Thursday 23rd November @ 20.30 pm

Saturday 25 November @17:30 pm

New ideas of the use of a spoon… from an object to a piece of jewellery

Spoons are everyday objects from an oval soup spoon, ice cream spoon to coffee spoons, for naming only a few of them… their purpose is to be mainly useful.

However months ago I had a request regarding some old silver coffee spoons sat in a drawer for at least twenty years. The coffee spoons were dated for the period of the 1930s and were a gift from the grandparents to the next generation.

At this point I didn’t know much more about it and I just needed to meet my new customers and see the spoons. I was happily surprised to see some lovely coffee spoons as the delicate shape and design of each one will make perfect pendants. That was it, my lovely customers wanted to use them and we decided to incorporate them into some necklaces. Each necklace has been hammered to give an interesting texture and design to.

It was a great project to work on as all necklaces have got their own style and design and it was an enjoyable experience to work together throughout the process. The wearer is free to add or remove individual spoons from the necklaces. The final products were original and unique to my customers which were very happy with the result.

by Eliane Strasser

Christmas Treat - Sales now on

Ho Ho Ho !

I know some people who are very organised and have finished their Christmas shopping month ago ! However the majority of us are doing the Christmas shopping in December like me and sometimes at the last minute (that's me again).

Shops are getting busier by the time we are getting close to the 25th ! and it puts lots of stress and pressure on people as well.

If you like to shop online, away from the stress of the shop, have a browse on shop for some handmade fine sterling silver gift. On this special occasion I would like to give you a Christmas treat with some sales on. Stock are limited !

Hurry up !

Best wishes

Eliane x

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by Eliane Strasser

Personal experiences for my new pieces

As you will know from my website I offer a commission Jewellery service which gives you the possibility to create a unique piece of jewellery. Together we can talk about ideas and come up with some designs and from there, your design will be translated into a piece of jewellery reflecting your personal ideas.  All of my pieces come with a Certificate of Authenticity each with it's own fabulous story.

To discover more about these stories click on the images.

Thank you for leaving your feedback and comments.

Eliane x

by Eliane Strasser

Switch On To Business

Yesterday I had a fabulous evening at Fazenda restaurant in Liverpool for the launch of the 3rd Edition of the Magazine Switch On To Business.

Everybody was buzzing around, enjoying themselves, catching up with familiar faces and meeting up new people. The start of the show was... not me ! But a promising and well designed magazine, aiming to help small businesses with a mix of interesting articles and great photos!

I take the opportunity here, once again to thanks the lovely Bethany Atkin, Editor-in-Chief, for her interview and having the pleasure to be in the magazine as Business In Profile. Happy ending and reading!

Discover more...


Switch On To Business

New Business Development Club

Caleidoscope Photographers

by Eliane Strasser

So today is the 14th July !

I thought today is the 14th July and I almost forget about it especially when you are leaving away from your country of origin. It's a bank holiday in France and people will be celebrating La Fête nationale or Le quatorze juillet as we commonly call it in France. Apparently there is a quite big French community in the North West unfortunately not much of celebration is happening here or I might not be aware of it. Ah maybe next year I will have to organise une  Fête !

by Eliane Strasser

Le miel et les bonbons

I had the honour to be interviewed by Catherine Marche  about my work  for her blog. Catherine creates beautiful jewellery and it was lovely to be featured in a blog.

Thanks for reading.

Eliane x

Read Catherine's blog and visit her website.

Dara’s Story, behind the scenes of a commission piece…

Dara's piece

Dara's piece

I would like to share with you the creative process of making a commission piece of jewellery. The first question to ask is why should I commission a jewellery designer? The answer is quite obvious. Because it will be a unique and an individual piece usually has a meaning and story behind. The client is involved from the start in the creative process. It is a rewarding experience especially if the jewellery is a gift for someone special in your life. It shows that you took the time and thought about the meaning of designing a piece of jewellery and having it handmade as a one off.

I would like to talk about Dara’s piece today and his involvement with the help of his mum in the creation of the design.

How it started - the story behind Dara’s piece.

Dara is an eight year old boy who came up with his mum to find me with an idea of a personal gift for Father’s Day. On that date it’s a double celebration as it was Dara’s birthday as well. So let’s find out a bit later how Eliane can help you to design that special gift.
Commissioning a piece of jewellery is a collaborative process between the client and designer. This can be exchanged through phone calls, emails or meeting up around a cup of coffee for a free consultation. I will go through the procedure, the time involved for making a piece and the payment plan. (I don’t know at that stage how much this is going to cost).*

My interest in the creative process.

Through the conversation the designer finds out what is the purpose of the piece. Is the piece a gift? Which occasion? What sort of lifestyle the receiver has? Dressed style? What type of jewellery she or he is wearing? What is the deadline? And so on… You can start to draw a profile from all sort of relevant questions and through ideas with the client. Coming back to Dara’s gift for his dad we were discussing about what sort of jewellery he would like to wear. He likes travelling so a pendant from his son will be a lovely present to remind of him when he’s away from home. No too big or thick as he could keep it in his wallet as well. We decided to go with an oblong shape and the pendant will be attached on a silk cord easy to take it off. The finishing of the piece will be rough and not shiny.

Dara or ਦਾਰਾ in Punjabi

Dara or ਦਾਰਾ in Punjabi

So what more could we add to the design to make it even more special. As a family gift it is very personal and it is all about people and where we come from. We wanted to use the element of cultural diversity in Dara’s family, part from India and the UK, which will be fantastic to convey into a piece of jewellery. On this unique piece of jewellery Dara could write a personal message “Love You Daddy X” and his handwriting message will be re transcript onto one side of the pendant. The name Dara or ਦਾਰਾ in Punjabi means “Leader” and will be handcrafted on the other side of the pendant. Dara’s jewellery is an example of how the designer collaborates closely with the client going through the creative process and bringing to life the design with a personal story.

The jewellery will come with a Certificate of Authenticity telling the significance and the story behind the creation of the piece.  

Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity

  • In Dara's story or other commission works it is a two way conversation between the designer and client (s) and I go back to the studio with all the information which allows me to draw some ideas in my sketch book. Depending on the project I can send up to 8 sketches to choose from.
  • The sketches will be sent to the client and feedback is welcome and hopefully one design will stand out.
  • After choosing the design a sample can be made using some clay and will give me a better idea of the piece and if any technical problem should be occurred before making the final jewellery. I usually take some pictures of each stage and keep informed the client about the progress of my work.
  • The piece is handmade and I am using some fine silver precious metal clay .999 which the silver content is higher than sterling silver. Once the piece is completed and finished, it is ready to be sent to the Goldsmiths Company of London for a complete hallmark.
  • The jewellery will be hallmark with my own sponsor punch - ECS - at the Goldsmiths Company of London with the metal and fineness mark .999 and the Assay Office mark.

The final piece and the client.

Et voila! At last I am very impatient to hand over the piece to my client knowing that special jewellery will convey a message of happiness, love and emotion.  In conclusion what can I say, I hope Dara’s Story has inspired you and gave you an insight of the process of a commission work. You can be involved as much or little you wish. Bear in mind that it can take up to 2 months to have your jewellery made depending on the speed, the difficulty of the piece and the urgency.

Have you got few ideas that you would like to discuss, it is very simple, send me a message by filling the Enquiry Form and I can book you for a free consultation.

See you on my next blog!


by Eliane Strasser

Happy #MicroBizMattersDay 9th Jan

Happy Micro Biz matters Day !

"January 9th is the first, annual #MicroBizMattersDay of actions will enable more micro enterprises to survive and thrive around the world." The idea came from the co-funders Tony Robinson OBE and Tina Boden of the Enterprise Rockers  and their colleagues to promote Micro Businesses. "Today do anything you like in your 9 minutes which you think will help one or more micro enterprise owners" ...

Today as a small business, Strasser Creations is involved in #MicroBizMattersDay and I am glad to help and promote small businesses. Thanks to Louise Barson from My Life Pack who got the brilliant idea of the 9xTable an online marketing media session and  I will be hosting one  in Liverpool at Cosy Bean Coffee Shop.

As Tina Boden will say #LetsRock !



Tic Toc ! Christmas is coming soon....

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing all fine and getting ready for Christmas ! Only 9 days left and no much time for posting your cards, buy some gifts and get your parcel ready to post if you haven't done it yet.

Message me if you'd seen a jewellery you'd like from my website, for more info about the piece or buy it as a present.

This is a link to the Royal Mail with the latest recommended posting dates.

by Eliane Strasser

Win these earrings in my first Facebook giveaway!

To celebrate and say thanks for their support to all my lovely fans on my Facebook I’d thought I'd do a Facebook giveaway.

You could win a pair of my Autumn Earrings as pictured here. They are handmade with sterling silver hooks, freshwater pearls with lovely and warm purple colour Swarovski beads. All you need to do is like and share my post on Facebook and they could be yours!

To enter.
1. Go and “LIKE” my business page Strasser Créations if you are a new fan and share the giveaway post on your profile and your business page if you’ve got one.

2. In order to know you’ve entered, it is essential either that you TAG your share with my business page name (@Strasser Créations) or you comment on my Facebook page that you have share it.

The giveaway ends Monday 24th November 2014 at midnight. Thank you for participating.

Good luck everyone :)
Eliane x


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by Eliane Strasser

Wedding show at the Titanic Hotel Liverpool

Going to a Wedding Show is like enjoying a nice day out. After the excitement of the engagement, most of the Brides and Grooms to be have got a date in mind for their Big Day. However actually arranging your wedding can be enjoyable but stressful as well. Some couples start well in advance and visit all the wedding shows looking for ideas in terms of venue, wedding dresses, photographers, flowers, wedding rings, gifts for bridesmaids and so on.

I am always amazed how couples turn up to a Wedding Show when their wedding date is not until 2017! Still quite a long way to go I think but by planning ahead and talking to exhibitors this will help the couple to narrow down their research and stick to a budget. Apparently an average wedding now costs more than £18,000? It sounds quite a lot to me but better to get it right as you’ve only got one chance! It’s the same with everything and everyone you meet or going to places so the first impression counts. I felt the same as I approached the majestic warehouse and magnificent Titanic Hotel, the grandiose room was full of exhibitors getting ready to welcome the visitors. Everything was well in control thanks to the organiser, Bliss Wedding Shows and we were well look after by the staff from the hotel, plenty of tea, coffee and food helping us to get through the show, which was great. As a jewellery designer I came along with Exclusive Wedding Rings Company helping out for the day and greeting visitors coming up to our stand.


It is a very exciting time indeed for all the couples and close family members, especially when choosing a wedding ring! The same goes for buying a wedding dress. It’s such a difficult choice as there are some many styles to choose from so I am not surprised that the catwalk attracted all the brides to be, bridesmaids, mums, friends, etc and when I made my way to the catwalk the room was full! The models were beautiful, wearing elegant and stunning wedding dresses. As we approached the end of the show, people were leaving hopefully with more dreams and ideas in their heads for their big day. As for the exhibitors, I was pleased to catch up with some familiar faces and meet other wedding professionals and businesses. Everyone was packing up happy to get back home and relax until the next Wedding Show I guess.

Following the steps of Daisy Lowe… at the London Fashion Week

We might not following or knowing the latest trends in fashion but some trends vision experts are out there following and measuring what the general public like or dislike. I was watching BBC4 London Fashion Week with the English fashion model Daisy Lowe looking up for new trends. These experts are using and following all social media from twitter, instagram, pinterest and many more and measuring how the general public respond to the latest designers collection presented at the London Fashion Week. It is a big industry and models, magazine’s editors, stylists, fashion consultants, bloggers and buyers are key players in this field. As a jewellery designer I look at different styles in fashion and keep informed about the latest fashion trends, womens’ lifestyle and jewellery trends. London Fashion Week is unique and filled by talented independent designers, such as J.W. Anderson, Thomas Tait, Christopher Kane and so many more!  It is hard to spot what is actually trending however it looks like it could be the ends of high heels, a lots of bright colours such as green, more leather, the faux fur opposed to the real fur and the skirt above the knee. The same question was being asking to editors, fashion consultants and buyers as if they have spotted any trends at the London Fashion Week. The answer were interesting as Justin O’Shea - Buying Director from was commenting and saying “Fashion is so global everyone look for its own identity” or Sophia-Neophitou-Apostolou, Editor-in-chief from 10 magazine said “it is about celebrating individuality and not trends”.

How about you?  Are you following the latest fashion trends or are you looking for more individual pieces?

London Fashion Week

Daisy Lowe on the BBC iPlayer

Netsuke, Knowles and not valuable!

On my way to the Antiques Roadshow

I don’t know about you but from time to time I like to watch the program Antiques Roadshow and I find it interesting to see what people have got in their possession and hear about the story behind the object. I think for a lot of people the object has got a sentimental value. They might want to know the provenance of their Antiques, who is the artist behind and obviously how much it is worth. Usually it has been passed from one generation to the next. It’s like Ancestry you go back in time. Anyway, when I’ve heard that BBC One’s Antiques Roadshow was coming to the Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool, I decided to take my Netsuke which I’ve had in the family since 1979 (not so Antique!) to find out more  about these little ornaments. Some of you might don’t know what a Netsuke is - the definition is “a carved button-like ornament, especially of ivory or wood, formerly worn in Japan to suspend articles from the sash of a kimono”.

And here we go with my sandwiches as I have been warned I could queuing up for hours! I didn’t like that prospect however there was a surprise when I arrived and I could have been shouting “Hurray” as there was hardly any queue. The setting took place in the crypt, which was quite magical. Not a long time after I entered in the crypt and at the reception you were directed to your section with the relevant expert. All the set was well organised and there were tables allocated for the jewellery, furniture, picture and prints, silver, miscellaneous and so on. I went to the ceramics section and waited for my turn to meet the expert. It was a nice surprise to meet the famous Eric Knowles, expert in Antiques, broadcaster and author of ceramic books. I took a seat and whilst I was unpacking my netsuke he was asking me where I was from and  as I can’t hide my French accent, he was telling me that he was writing a book about Art Deco and obviously Art Deco in Paris. However he told me that his French was limited to “Allo! Allo!” like in the sitcom. After this light conversation, he was examining the Netsuke and confirmed that they were originally from Japan and made in this century. He gave me some names like “Fukurukuju” or “Daruma” which I knew nothing about it and I didn’t expect them to be worth much neither but who knows maybe in a 100 years time! Anyway I had a lovely time.

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King

Lutyens Crypt & Treasury

Meet the expert - Eric Knowles

Why not go yourself? Attending a Roadshow and where they are.

by Eliane Strasser

The launch of my shop at Strasser Créations

Retailers on the street have got to have an online presence at least and most of them have got a shop online as well. Some of my clients or people that I met always asked me if I’ve got a website or a shop and where do I sell my pieces.

I explain to them that all my jewellery are handmade and a lots of them have been commissioned, which is not exactly the same as a click and buy from the shop.

People who are approaching me for a commission piece may have got an idea in mind about a design and how they want to create that special piece, which could have a meaning and story behind and my role as a jewellery designer is to clarify the ideas of the client and present different designs on paper and finalise with the piece itself. It is mainly a two way conversation between the client and the designer, from the imagination to the production of the jewellery itself people are thrilled with the result and they love the idea of individuality and story behind the jewellery, which comes with its own certificate.

However some people like the uniqueness of my jewellery and I know they would have loved to be able to just click and buy from a shop as it is a convenient way to get the jewellery straight to their house.

However the pieces at the shop are still handmade and not mass produced and that’s why my shop has got a minimum stock.  Some products that I have selected for the shop are unique for their design like the rings “Enchantes-Moi” or “Fleur” - beautifully handmade with some stunning Swarovsky  colour stones. Some are popular for their meaning and simplicity such as the “Petit Coeur d’Amour Pendant", the “Fleur Bracelet" or the “Freshwater Pearl Boucles D’Oreilles” studs which are a winner for their elegant style.

Recently in my blog Accentuate I have written about the launch of my Marriage Collection which presents original Thank You wedding gifts such as “Spirit of Love &Friendship” or some lovely pendants. I am very happy to say that they are as well available on the shop.

On that note I am looking forward to answer to any questions you may have about a product and any feedback will be highly appreciated.

You can join our mailing list when you buy from the shop or you can be added to it by sending me an email.

Kind regards


by Eliane Strasser

Mondrian, me and er… a 1,000 others!

We took part in helping to create a human artwork at the weekend down at the Pier Head. The BBC’s One Show, Tate Liverpool and Liverpool Open Culture had asked for volunteers to create a Mondrian inspired artwork on the floor. We all met up inside the magnificent Cunard Building dressed in either blue, red, white or yellow and what was a wet morning turned into a nice sunny day. Met loads of nice people and learnt a bit into what goes into making a piece for TV. We even got interviewed beforehand but it wasn’t used! All in all a fab day in a fab location.

Check it out...

BBC News - 1,000 people form human 'Mondrian' artwork in Liverpool

Mondrian at the Tate Liverpool

BBC One Show

Go to 17min 50s

by Eliane Strasser

Liverpool: In or Out ?

What can I say? End of July and that’s half the year gone! Time is flying and there is no way you can be bored of Liverpool.  So many events have been happening lately and more with the International Festival of Business and I believe the next one will be in 2016. For finishing “en Beauté “  what a superb performance we had with the Giants – Memories of August 1914 -  thanks to his genius creative director Jean-Luc Courcoult. I have been so lucky to be involved with the Giants, Royal de Luxe alongside with all the volunteers, Culture Liverpool and so many more organisation and companies. It was wonderful to use my French and helping out and meeting some great people, yes what an experience and I hope they will come back with another story.

Yes Liverpool is the city to be IN.


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Strasser Créations Marriage Collection

I'm very pleased to announce the launch of my Marriage collection.

I've started the collection with some lovely new thank you gifts. There's a choice of a delicate silver two leaf pendant with the option to have gold leaf applied to the one of the leaves. My second design is different from a traditional thank you gift. I have named it "Spirit Of Love & Friendship" and many brides love the idea of a miniature bottle with a charm.

The gifts have been designed for the special people in your life, family, bridesmaids, maid of honour and close friends who have been involved, helped you and supported you before and on your wedding day. You can show them how much their love and and friendship means to you by offering them a very special thank you gift.

The collection includes a thank you card with a blank space for you to fill in. All in a beautiful white packaging presentation.

They are made to order and can be personalised with a date of the wedding, initials or name. Tell me your ideas, story and we can design together your ideal piece for your wedding day or create some special thank you gifts for the bridesmaids.


by Eliane Strasser

Govinder Nazran - the inspiration for my most personal pieces

Govinder Nazran 1964-2008

Govinder Nazran 1964-2008

Gov, his wife and daughter have been family friends for many years stretching back to his art college days with my husband and we spent many enjoyable occasions together. Although Gov passed away in 2008 his Peter Pan personality is with us still in our memories and the works we have of his. When his wife gave us two beautiful prints before Christmas I wanted to make a piece for her and their daughter that was Gov through and through and my husband suggested something that appears in all of his works - his signature. They are quite simply for me my most personal pieces. I give you Gov and his works.

Gov's profile

Washington Green Fine Art

Chutzpah & Claptrap

Chutzpah & Claptrap

Knickerbocker Knick Knack & Kibosh

Knickerbocker Knick Knack & Kibosh

by Eliane Strasser