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Strasser Créations Marriage Collection

I'm very pleased to announce the launch of my Marriage collection.

I've started the collection with some lovely new thank you gifts. There's a choice of a delicate silver two leaf pendant with the option to have gold leaf applied to the one of the leaves. My second design is different from a traditional thank you gift. I have named it "Spirit Of Love & Friendship" and many brides love the idea of a miniature bottle with a charm.

The gifts have been designed for the special people in your life, family, bridesmaids, maid of honour and close friends who have been involved, helped you and supported you before and on your wedding day. You can show them how much their love and and friendship means to you by offering them a very special thank you gift.

The collection includes a thank you card with a blank space for you to fill in. All in a beautiful white packaging presentation.

They are made to order and can be personalised with a date of the wedding, initials or name. Tell me your ideas, story and we can design together your ideal piece for your wedding day or create some special thank you gifts for the bridesmaids.


by Eliane Strasser