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The launch of my shop at Strasser Créations

Retailers on the street have got to have an online presence at least and most of them have got a shop online as well. Some of my clients or people that I met always asked me if I’ve got a website or a shop and where do I sell my pieces.

I explain to them that all my jewellery are handmade and a lots of them have been commissioned, which is not exactly the same as a click and buy from the shop.

People who are approaching me for a commission piece may have got an idea in mind about a design and how they want to create that special piece, which could have a meaning and story behind and my role as a jewellery designer is to clarify the ideas of the client and present different designs on paper and finalise with the piece itself. It is mainly a two way conversation between the client and the designer, from the imagination to the production of the jewellery itself people are thrilled with the result and they love the idea of individuality and story behind the jewellery, which comes with its own certificate.

However some people like the uniqueness of my jewellery and I know they would have loved to be able to just click and buy from a shop as it is a convenient way to get the jewellery straight to their house.

However the pieces at the shop are still handmade and not mass produced and that’s why my shop has got a minimum stock.  Some products that I have selected for the shop are unique for their design like the rings “Enchantes-Moi” or “Fleur” - beautifully handmade with some stunning Swarovsky  colour stones. Some are popular for their meaning and simplicity such as the “Petit Coeur d’Amour Pendant", the “Fleur Bracelet" or the “Freshwater Pearl Boucles D’Oreilles” studs which are a winner for their elegant style.

Recently in my blog Accentuate I have written about the launch of my Marriage Collection which presents original Thank You wedding gifts such as “Spirit of Love &Friendship” or some lovely pendants. I am very happy to say that they are as well available on the shop.

On that note I am looking forward to answer to any questions you may have about a product and any feedback will be highly appreciated.

You can join our mailing list when you buy from the shop or you can be added to it by sending me an email.

Kind regards


by Eliane Strasser