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Netsuke, Knowles and not valuable!

On my way to the Antiques Roadshow

I don’t know about you but from time to time I like to watch the program Antiques Roadshow and I find it interesting to see what people have got in their possession and hear about the story behind the object. I think for a lot of people the object has got a sentimental value. They might want to know the provenance of their Antiques, who is the artist behind and obviously how much it is worth. Usually it has been passed from one generation to the next. It’s like Ancestry you go back in time. Anyway, when I’ve heard that BBC One’s Antiques Roadshow was coming to the Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool, I decided to take my Netsuke which I’ve had in the family since 1979 (not so Antique!) to find out more  about these little ornaments. Some of you might don’t know what a Netsuke is - the definition is “a carved button-like ornament, especially of ivory or wood, formerly worn in Japan to suspend articles from the sash of a kimono”.

And here we go with my sandwiches as I have been warned I could queuing up for hours! I didn’t like that prospect however there was a surprise when I arrived and I could have been shouting “Hurray” as there was hardly any queue. The setting took place in the crypt, which was quite magical. Not a long time after I entered in the crypt and at the reception you were directed to your section with the relevant expert. All the set was well organised and there were tables allocated for the jewellery, furniture, picture and prints, silver, miscellaneous and so on. I went to the ceramics section and waited for my turn to meet the expert. It was a nice surprise to meet the famous Eric Knowles, expert in Antiques, broadcaster and author of ceramic books. I took a seat and whilst I was unpacking my netsuke he was asking me where I was from and  as I can’t hide my French accent, he was telling me that he was writing a book about Art Deco and obviously Art Deco in Paris. However he told me that his French was limited to “Allo! Allo!” like in the sitcom. After this light conversation, he was examining the Netsuke and confirmed that they were originally from Japan and made in this century. He gave me some names like “Fukurukuju” or “Daruma” which I knew nothing about it and I didn’t expect them to be worth much neither but who knows maybe in a 100 years time! Anyway I had a lovely time.

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King

Lutyens Crypt & Treasury

Meet the expert - Eric Knowles

Why not go yourself? Attending a Roadshow and where they are.

by Eliane Strasser