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Following the steps of Daisy Lowe… at the London Fashion Week

We might not following or knowing the latest trends in fashion but some trends vision experts are out there following and measuring what the general public like or dislike. I was watching BBC4 London Fashion Week with the English fashion model Daisy Lowe looking up for new trends. These experts are using and following all social media from twitter, instagram, pinterest and many more and measuring how the general public respond to the latest designers collection presented at the London Fashion Week. It is a big industry and models, magazine’s editors, stylists, fashion consultants, bloggers and buyers are key players in this field. As a jewellery designer I look at different styles in fashion and keep informed about the latest fashion trends, womens’ lifestyle and jewellery trends. London Fashion Week is unique and filled by talented independent designers, such as J.W. Anderson, Thomas Tait, Christopher Kane and so many more!  It is hard to spot what is actually trending however it looks like it could be the ends of high heels, a lots of bright colours such as green, more leather, the faux fur opposed to the real fur and the skirt above the knee. The same question was being asking to editors, fashion consultants and buyers as if they have spotted any trends at the London Fashion Week. The answer were interesting as Justin O’Shea - Buying Director from was commenting and saying “Fashion is so global everyone look for its own identity” or Sophia-Neophitou-Apostolou, Editor-in-chief from 10 magazine said “it is about celebrating individuality and not trends”.

How about you?  Are you following the latest fashion trends or are you looking for more individual pieces?

London Fashion Week

Daisy Lowe on the BBC iPlayer