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New ideas of the use of a spoon… from an object to a piece of jewellery

Spoons are everyday objects from an oval soup spoon, ice cream spoon to coffee spoons, for naming only a few of them… their purpose is to be mainly useful.

However months ago I had a request regarding some old silver coffee spoons sat in a drawer for at least twenty years. The coffee spoons were dated for the period of the 1930s and were a gift from the grandparents to the next generation.

At this point I didn’t know much more about it and I just needed to meet my new customers and see the spoons. I was happily surprised to see some lovely coffee spoons as the delicate shape and design of each one will make perfect pendants. That was it, my lovely customers wanted to use them and we decided to incorporate them into some necklaces. Each necklace has been hammered to give an interesting texture and design to.

It was a great project to work on as all necklaces have got their own style and design and it was an enjoyable experience to work together throughout the process. The wearer is free to add or remove individual spoons from the necklaces. The final products were original and unique to my customers which were very happy with the result.

by Eliane Strasser