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BBC Radio 4’s The Bottom Line programme: being part of a live audience


Evans Davis in Conversation with Sir Terry Leahy former CEO of Tesco

Evans Davis and the producers from BBC Radio 4 from London came up for the day in Liverpool to record the business programme “The Bottom Line” in front of a live audience at St Edwards College.

I thought it will be a great opportunity to hear from a leading figure in business and I was very pleased to be invited as a guest and being part of the audience which was a mixture of pupils, parents, teachers, students from university and local businesses. The interview was followed by an audience Questions and Answers which was also recorded.

Before the actual recording, people were gathered in the dinner hall where food and refreshments were kindly provided by the college. Forms were given to people for them to fill in with a question or two addressed to Sir Terry Leahy for him to answer at the actual recording.

Not long after we were ready to go for the programme to be started, people were getting excited and a big round of applause was given for Evans Davis and Sir Terry Leahy at the arrival on the stage.

As an audience and being a live recording, Evans Davis was telling us about “bad noises” and “good noises” in a radio programme. We don’t want to hear a phone ringing however hearing people laughing or applauding is a good thing. We were even asked to practise our applauses!

It was interesting to hear the inside story of Sir Terry Leahy from his upbringing to his success at Tesco and how the presenter was directing the conversation in a very smooth and interesting way.

Many interesting questions from the audience were asked and before I knew it, it was already the end. I found it the Conversation interesting and all experience enjoyable thanks to the organisers at St Edwards, the BBC radio 4 team, the audience, hearing the story of Sir Terry Leahy and of course a great interview lead by Evans Davis.

If you like to find out more about Evans Davis in Conversation with Sir Terry Leahy former CEO of Tesco, please click here.

Thursday 23rd November @ 20.30 pm

Saturday 25 November @17:30 pm

by Eliane Strasser