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Happy #MicroBizMattersDay 9th Jan

Happy Micro Biz matters Day !

"January 9th is the first, annual #MicroBizMattersDay of actions will enable more micro enterprises to survive and thrive around the world." The idea came from the co-funders Tony Robinson OBE and Tina Boden of the Enterprise Rockers  and their colleagues to promote Micro Businesses. "Today do anything you like in your 9 minutes which you think will help one or more micro enterprise owners" ...

Today as a small business, Strasser Creations is involved in #MicroBizMattersDay and I am glad to help and promote small businesses. Thanks to Louise Barson from My Life Pack who got the brilliant idea of the 9xTable an online marketing media session and  I will be hosting one  in Liverpool at Cosy Bean Coffee Shop.

As Tina Boden will say #LetsRock !