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Liverpool and New York O'Neils go hand in hand


My husband is an O'Neil who has been passionately researching his family tree for many years. His family came to Liverpool in the early 1900s from New York City and before that they originated in Cashelisky just outside Clonakilty in County Cork. The British and American branches of the family have been in touch on and off for the best part of 60 years and soon he's off to meet his cousins in Maryland, New York City and Ohio.

The O'Neils prospered in the States and founded O'Neils Department Stores, General Tire and today the business is known as GenCorp.

The history was part of the inspiration for my piece The Hand of O'Neil

by Eliane Strasser

Auction price with Strasser Créations


Tune on Radio City 96.7 on Friday 4th October for Rossie's Fundraising Friday.

Get involved and help raising money for children across Merseyside, the North West and North Wales through Radio City's Cash for Kids and Liverpool Unites, the official charity of the Liverpool ECHO & Post!

Bid ! Bid ! Bid ! Lots of prices coming up.

by Eliane Strasser

Liverpool startups get extra Enterprise Nation boost


It's great to get advice and help from wherever.

Ahead of a forthcoming StartUp Saturday in Liverpool we found Paris-born jewellery designer Eliane Strasser who set up her home-based business in Grassendale after falling in love and marrying a Liverpool lad. 

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by Eliane Strasser